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Inspite I am a knitting and crochet instructor, the moment I have read about Prym competition, I had a sewing project on my mind.
This project conects me with my mother as much as to my daughter. Connection with my mother is going back to my childhood, and playing with cloths, needles, threads and dolls. I have that memory of a drawing on a piece of cardboard paper holding a press-buttons. It was that man with one eye drawn as press-button. This is my first assosiation for Prym!
So, you could ask yourself: where is a daugther in all of this?
As I am knitting for a 32 years (started when I was 16), and I am crocheting for a 42 years (it was a tool for may grandmother to get me occupied), also I am CYC knitting and crocheting certified instructor, I hoped for my daughter to be interested in handwork. But…. as she once said: why do I need to know it when my mother can make me anything I want. Quite right!
But she is very creative young person, and it was a matter of time… A year ago I had 4-week class of bobbine lacing, and she falt in love! She is going to my knit and crochet classes since!
As I have my interchangable needles for a few years now, so I started to collect a set for her too. Those needles have to be stored properly, as it is supposted for a such a wonderfull and expencive tools.
My daughter loves cats.
Prym announced a competition.
I am going to my textilies and yarn shop regularely.
Everything came together so beautifly!
Some textile pieces were bought, some pieces I had at home, buttons, zipper, embroidery thread, needles, and above all – IDEA was born.
I decided to sew an interchangable needles case for Mirta.
First, the idea had to be put on a paper (I am an architect after all) and some thinking about right order to sew all together.

Then, I constructed pieces out of paper.
Pieces had to be transfered on chosen textiles, and to be cut out of it.
Finaly the time for a patient and neat sewing came:
needle racks…
…small pockets…
…zipped pocket for cords…
And some tearing and ripping apart too… whell, mistakes are here to learn from them.
Some needle sizes were embroidered, to add some playfullness.
After a few days of planning, a few hours of sewing and some changes made along the way… case is finished:
Front view (final dimensions: 19 x 14 cm)
Back view
Inner view 1
Inner view 2
I am content.
The new owner is happy and blog-post have to be writen.

Where is Prim in all of this proces?
Prym was there allalong.
In every sewing needle, in every pin to secure the stitches, in needles and hooks to be put in needle-case and in every future knitted and crocheted work of my daughter.
As a Prym Product Ambassador I’ll be able to present it on my blog (as I started to write some reviews for DROPS yarns), then I’ll be able to point out advantages of Prym products to my students on O’pleti classes and above all of it…. I’LL BE ABLE TO ENJOY USING IT!!!
*About “Lorna”
Adriana Meglaj ing.arh., writing Škrinjica Lorne Doone / Lornina škrinjica (Lorna’s chest) since 20.02.2007., teaching knitting and crocheting since 27.10.2010. (over 300 students since), CraftYarnCouncil certified instructor since 02.02.2015.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adriana.meglaj
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